Omzen Electric

Light up your space with Omzen Electric
Melbourne's ‘most positive’ Electricans

Positive, professional electrical service, This is the Omzen Electric way.

Omzen Electric is the positive Electrical Contractor solution for Melbourne City. Our aim with every project we undertake is to enrich the space of our client, with the knowledge and skills we have earned through years of practicing our electrical art. Omzen Electric can be trusted with the sourcing of quality materials, the necessary expert installation and peace-of-mind after project service. This should be the bare minimum in our opinion.

We keep things positive. By giving our clients the extra attention they deserve, we’ve found they feel comfortable and relaxed while we work. This is the Omzen Electric way. This is why we engage our customers with the Omzen Electric process, keeping them informed from beginning to end, with all our valued projects.

This is why we customise our electrical solutions to each client and their unique situation, regardless of project duration, size or shape. This is the Omzen Electric way, Melbourne's ‘most positive’ electricians.