‘Omzen’ is our mantra. By putting out positive energy, you will receive the same in return.

Omzen electricians operate on this style of thought. This is reflected in our reputation for quality electrical work, job flexibility and exceptional customer service. Our mantra has aided us in developing and maintaining strong relationships with valued clients and employers within the Melbourne community.

  • Owner / Director
  • Justin Stiles

Omzen Electric is the brain child of it’s creator, director & owner Justin Stiles.

Justin is a huge believer in the the Omzen way, a combination of customer and electrical service that separates Omzen Electric from all other electrical contractors.

He believes that selecting the founding members of Omzen Electric was a life changing decision. They grew from a small team, into a close-knit family in short amount of time. All members of his founding team remain at Omzen Electric. Justin explains simply “they are truly some of my closest friends”.

Always the youngest business owner attending a boardroom meeting, Justin explains that it has taken years of handwork and quality service to build the trust he now holds with builders, architects, clients and contractors within the Melbourne community.

Omzen Electric is steadily becoming the go-to electrical contractor for quality custom electrical solutions in Melbourne.